Wine Tastings for All Occasions

Welcome to Grapevine Wine Tasting

  Grapevine Wine Tasting offers unique, tutored wine tasting experiences. 

We are passionate about making wine accessible and pleasurable; 

demystifying wine-speak and, in the process, giving you the confidence 

to step up and choose wine for yourself.


We wouldn't cry over spilled milk, but knock over a glass of wine and you'll have to pass the tissues. The way we see it, a bottle of wine is so much more than fermented grape juice. It's history, geography, science 

and art all in one sleek and portable container. 

Our tastings touch on all the elements while keeping it light and fun. 

After all, wine is one of life's pleasures, there for anyone who isn't afraid to say, 'Pass the bottle, please'. 

Like art, wine is subjective and personal. We appreciate this. We encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, invite you to speak up, take risks 

and explore along with us. Our explorations have widened our 

knowledge and, yes, it's very gratifying to be asked to

 choose the wine at dinner. 

Wine is very sociable and enjoying the journey in the company of 

like-minded enthusiasts makes for a truly inspiring experience. 

Whether you're a newbie to the wine world, or want to refresh your skills, 

we offer an experience of learning and light-hearted 

(and sometimes spirited) wine chat.