About Us

Jackie Hampton, WSET Level 3


I grew up in a foodie family where my father’s impressive homemade wine featured at the meal table. It stirred an interest, but a medical career followed. This allowed me to travel to Adelaide, Australia, where I explored the wine region’s delights. Since raising a family in the West Country I have returned to my love of art, food, wine and travel. Attending wine appreciation courses, tastings and even WSET exams became a passion, resulting in a Level 3 qualification. My fave wine? Chardonnay - so many variations!

Lisa Goodson, WSET Level 2


It was while living in California for many years that I discovered my passion for wine and wine tasting. But it wasn't until I landed in the UK that I decided to parlay my interest into qualification. My absolute joy is experiencing the local food and wine when I travel. Having come from a corporate background, being involved in the world of wine now allows me access to my other passions - history, science and art. My fave wine? May I have two, please? Cava and Malbec. 

Wine Tasting - A Fab Pairing


Equal parts learning and fun, we provide hot tips and relevant information which can be built on. Our approach is welcoming and interactive, and we aim to send you home with tools to enhance your wine experience.


After acquiring our qualification, many of our friends asked us to share our knowledge, and casual wine tasting evenings soon followed. From the very positive feedback we received, we realized that our approach and our style are effective. Word spread, and you might even say that people heard about us through the grapevine....